As Trusted Pal, EduPal Robot Engages Kids To Teach Them!



  • Creative features like "Create Your Own Animal Or Character" and "Name Your EduPal Robot" Make Learning Fun 
  • Cognitive Education  Approved Proven Games / Activities Teaching While Kids Are Young To Make The Biggest Impact 

"Every student should have an eduPal"



Michael Stone, Autism And Special Needs Specialists For Children, 23 Years - Orange School District, Designed Activities And Programs With Thousands Of Autistic Kids At Schools.

  “EduPal is an amazing tool that will help teach millions of kids with autism and learning disabilities. I can 

see EduPal in every school to help personalize, motivate and teach children emotion context at a young age when it can have the greatest impact. Every student should have an EduPal"


Experts testimonials


Pradeesh Thomas, CEO of AGES Learning With Over 100 Autism Therapists providing ABA Therapy across the USA, Former Founder of several education companies that served over 10,000 schools.

  “I helped develop voice technologies for education and health to improve speech and language abilities that often impede children with learning disabilities. I liked EduPal so much that I became a founding investor in MindHeart Lab! Our therapists liked the EduPal Robot and Platform so much they got involved to help design the cognitive behavior learning games and apps.”   


Nadine Wright-Arbubakrr,Teacher, Mother of Autistic Child and Founder of Nassan’s Place Autism Center With Over 200 Autistic Kids. “EduPal is the best support tool for autism that I have seen!”

  “EduPal Robot is providing our kids a new fun way to help with their cognitive learning. My son Nassan has not spoken in 13 years, EduPal's Give-Kids-A-Voice is a new way to learn to communicate! 


Dr. Joseph Shurman, MD, Scripps, “Voted By His Peers “Top Pain Doctor” in 2007, 2010, 2013 Diplomate American Board Anesthesiology, Diplomate American Academy Pain Management

 “The American Academy of Pediatrics requires all adolescents to be screened for depression, all children’s hospitals are required that every physician have pain management education, not cancer, but pain! I believe EduPal's Kid's Pain Expression Feature can be in every hospital for in-patient & out-patient care. The analytics alone could clearly improve the standard of children’s care.”  

Communications, Emotion Context Education And Data!


  • Communications Education With EduPal Touchscreen Give-Kids-A-Voice and Kid's Pain Expression Tablet And Robot Combination
  • Parent Permission-Based Data Emotion Context Data Gathering, Collaboration & Child Report Distribution Platform